Plaque Pictures

Plaque Pictures

Here is a gallery of our different Plaque Pictures taken over the years. Most of these were quick on the go shots done by Cellphone camera, and not shot professionally! So remember that when scrolling through all our wood trophy pictures! Most of the awards you see below are custom made. Below there is an assortment of different plaque pictures for Basketball, Baseball, Dance, Cheer, Football, Motocross, BMX, Soccer and many more sports! Plaques have always been a Top Seller in the awards industry. Most plaqueboards are dark brown like a school desk; A place we dreaded! Our Plaques are made with more color to adjust for the new Generation that is used to seeing color on Cereal Boxes, Shoes, Clothes, Billboards, etc. That’s why most of our plaques a re full color.

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We will be adding moreplaque pictures, so check frequently for updates. We will also get these plaque pictures on our Facebook page so you can easily share with your friends and family! Plaques have always made peoples wall’s more beautiful with achievements from the past! Usually your older crowd loves the simple traditional wood colored plaques with metal plates. The younger generation loves plaques with color. Trophy Deals by Awards Depot is an awesome place to shop for plaques. Browse our other gallery‘s below to help find the perfect style, and colored trophy combination.

How to shop using our Plaque Pictures

Typically when customer’s shop for Plaques they look for #1 Size, and Color. It is also very important to select a plaque in your price range, so obviously the best place to go is Trophy.Deals online. If customer’s were to buy high quantity of trophies, it’s best to work with a manufacturer to build & personalize. This cut’s out time and middlemen. It is also very important the designer of the custom plaques, because not any designer will do! It is also very important to know which colors look the best when making Plaques so that they represent you and your company well! Plaques such as these can be found and customized on Trophy Deals by Awards Depot‘s website.


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