Summer Trophy and Award Ideas| Surfboard Plaques

Custom Plaque Surfboard Awards- Perfect Summer Award Ideas


kid with surfboard plaque

Planning your summer events and getting something new and different can be quite a task. Often times we wonder how we can change it up a bit on the awards we give out, besides we all know the coolest awards get talked about the most throughout the winners life. Most people always remember they’re favorite award and the whole story behind how they achieved it making us entrepreneurs, who host events, eager to search far and wide for the most unique award keeping in mind you have to buy not one but several awards… sometimes 100s!


This summer we have come up with several specialty summer items that you and your customers will thoroughly enjoy. This month of May the Surfboard

Plaque will be the first to be revealed of the many other summer trophy options available. The surfboard plaques also come with the option of adding your own design on select conditions.


This Summer these are on special at Check it out!