New Softball Plaques Added

Softball Plaques


Softball Plaques are a popular and cool item for players, but they still look like they’re from the past! We wanted to invent a new set of Softball Plaques that looked current and not something that looked Stuck in the 70’s. We all know kids want color rather then something that looks like a piece of wood, because I remember it taking me till almost 15 years old to enjoy nature… Anything that looked like nature and not like a cool comic book, or video game cover was not even taken in consideration as “cool”. With all that said how in the world would we go about designing a new set of Softball Plaques  that were “Cool”.


Softball Team holding a Baseball Homeplate plaque made by awards depot. Home plate baseball softball and T-ball plaques are very cool to hand out to your players because its something fun, new and different.

How we decided upon these new plaque designs and why we did:

After careful study and analysis of other companies, and what kids are used to winning we came up with a new set of Softball Plaques ! These awards are similiar to what has been won in the past but we added a totally New and Fresh updated look to these Baseball Plaques. First off these Colorful Softball Plaques are not stickered, but actually UV Imprinted which makes a very professional look. The print stretches border to border leaving only the edges to show their flat color. We have found that younger kids like Colorful awards, and Definitely not something that looks like a school desk! When choosing your awards its important to know the age group you are buying for. Younger people love Color, and Size.. Most of the time Height is the size they want not something wide. This would be a Trophy or a Large Plaque. If your picking out awards for your participation baseball awards then go with something small, iconic, and that represents your organization professionally.


Kid standing with large softball plaque in his hands. Kid holds a softball shaped plaque with vibrant yellow print.

The Design Lab:

When we went to the design lab to produce these New Softball Plaque shapes we ran into the problem of what would the Top 3 Most Cool shapes be for Baseball, Softball, and T-Ball? On our Racing Sports page the Helmet shaped plaque were a HUGE hit… How can we come up with something that was as huge of hit for Baseball, Softball, T-ball? We could do a helmet for Baseball but shoot only 1 player on the field plays that position! What we decided to do was go through our vast library of different baseball awards we have done in the past for our bigger partners, and we came up with the Top 3 Favorites among the “King’s of the Industry”. So you know when picking these awards below that they have already been Brainstormed by some of the best tournaments in the country’s board members, its forgone trial and error at our company, and has made a lasting impression on many players.


Beautiful large baseball plaques in the shape of Texas, United States and a Softball. These are the coolest baseball plaques I have ever seen!

These awards make big smiles!

Looking at these Softball Plaques you would never know all the work that went into these. When you receive these products in your hands, then hand them out.. You will see the excitement shoot across your Players faces when they see that they have won something new to add to their collection!
If you don’t think it can get any better…. IT CAN. Awards Depot will be adding more designs to our New Homeplate Softball Plaque line very soon. You can expect a more graphic looking design which we call our Laser Series Designs.
These designs have been used across many of our awards, and have been a best seller for 5 straight years.

Do what’s Cool!

Wrapping up you now have some more options to handout for the kids, in which have been tested and proven to be “Cool”. As we grow older we sort of lose track of what the New Cool thing Is. That’s our job here is to make your life easier when ordering awards by giving you more choices, all at a competitive rate. We truly know what it takes to grow your company in the awards you hand out. After many years of talking to many, many customers far and wide Big and Small I have learned one thing: It is an absolute fact that what you give, is what you receive… I will say it again, who ever gives the best awards, or giveaways always has a big turnout each event. The biggest Illusion out there is that you have to spend big money to get the most cool awards, and it isn’t true.. Order your awards SMART and you can get all the neat cool stuff that the Big Dogs are using!


Where to purchase baseball home plate shaped plaques? Here is a Baseball Home Plate plaque purchased off of Awards Depot out of Madisonville, Texas. A great company specializing in baseball awards!