How to Order Awards, Trophies SMART

How to Order your Trophies Smart: The Shocking truth on just how easy it is.



Do your Trophy bills remind you of this Picture? We don’t want you to starve! Im here today to show you a few powerful steps to take when wanting to know how to order your trophies smart. Since our family many generations ago ran and promoted racing events within the Houston Astrodome Stadium, We totally understand that Trophies can be your biggest bill of your event.. If they are not your biggest bill then most of the time the event will not take off unless your handing out another freebee. Growing up through the years talking to many customer far and wide I have noticed one common denominator to the growing events.. It’s this, and read closely because this is coming from 8 years of experience . What you give is what you receive. Its one of those things your parents tell you then you grow up and realize that was another thing they were right about. The events I see giving the Big Trophies, or the Goodie Box, of a Plaque and a medallion, (Combo Award) all seem to grow because they keep their guests entertained, excited, and they make sure they leave the event happier then before anticipating the next event.

Growth Hacks for your Event: Select the Right Trophy

So we can all agree that what your handing out at your events is one of the strongest factors in growth. Here are the rules of thumb on How to Order your Trophies Smart:

#1) you want to know your market, are your clients older or younger? Younger people like Big Tall Awards because they have not won any and want their trophy rooms to look just like Mom and Dad’s. Kids also like quantity so there is nothing better in the world then a Child who goes home with multiple awards, making him feel like a Grand Champion! As we get older we tend to like smaller, iconic, and unique awards. These include: Crystals, Acrylics, Glass Awards, Desktop Clocks etc. Hence younger people like toys, and judge their excitement based off the quantity of toys, not the quality. When we get older a diamond ring can cause more excitement then a play room full of toys. If you have an event and your spending all your money on Big Trophies, but 80% of your Demographics are older people then your not likely to breed anymore excitement with those people which can make your event not grow. Its also important to realize that kids judge quality based off size, and color.. Kids like colorful awards, older people appreciate the art of “Simple Clean”. Adults will judge award quality based off of Weight, and sturdiness.

#2) Study your competition

Take a look at your competition in the area. Look and see what they are handing out, are their awards Big and Beautiful, or are they handing out paper certificates? This is something you can really key off on if your competition is not handing out the awards they should be. An easy way to compete would be to offer better awards and Advertise it! If you have a much smaller budget, NO PROBLEM the biggest growth hack for any event is to hand out participation awards. Its a fact the the events that don’t let a child leave without an award are always the ones growing. I know we had the incident with the football player on TV telling his son to take his award back, but just ignore him… He’s a professional football player not a promoter that knows how to make his event’s explode in excitement. So in conclusion in this paragraph, study the competition, handout better awards/create more excitement and then key off on how you do it and the event down the street doesn’t even come close to the excitement you produce.
#3) Select a company with a Variety of Product

If your buying from the same local store as your competitor I suggest you stop and take a hard look at how competitive the online companies are. Not to mention they can get product out to you much faster then local even with shipping. The bigger internet companies for buying awards also seem to have a much higher satisfaction rate in that they have more inventory and stock of a wider variety of product. The internet companies are also going to be much more competitive on price because they are lined up side by side competing with other companies. Local trophy shops will tend to see how often you come to their shop and once they see your loyalty, you’ll see your prices start to rise. It’s not going to be a price increase on your main awards, its going to be the little fee’s on things such as extra parts, extra nameplates, and sometimes even medals. I have seen local shops charge $5 for a medallion when our company website sold the same medallion for $1.30, and a we also sell a 7 inch tall trophy for $3!. As bad Don’t be deceived by local companies.

#4) How to get the expensive awards cheap

There are many ways to getting your awards cheap. The most common way dropping your award prices is shopping around. When shopping other companies online here are the characteristics to look for when making your best decision: Size, Design, & Price. Don’t be deceived bya  good looking picture dig deep and find out if that is exactly what you want to handout. The next best ingredient is Quantity. If you buy alot of awards over an extended period of time it is well worth looking into placing a bulk order on everything your needing at the beginning of your season. Since there is alot of setup time on all trophy orders and many many parts, our Trophy company can make a bulk run of your product dropping the price substantially. When figuring out the total cost savings be careful that you don’t get intimidated by the big number that has to be paid. As long as you have a credit card, the total savings will pay itself more then the interest charged. If buying 1 hugebulk order is not feasible then try looking into getting a large quote on your whole season and getting special pricing that way.


How to compete with competition:

Competition VS You

Competition: Hands out Big Trophies

You hand out: Bulkier, more decked out trophies, Youcan buy championship rings which has a higher perceived value.


Competition: Hands out Championship Rings from the same store I buy from

You hand out: Bigger Trophies, or find a company that sells rings with more Bling, or more color, shine and sparkle


Competition: Hands out Nice Plaques

You hand out: Get more colorful Plaques with better designs



If you have any questions on how to beat your competition then please give us a call we would love to help your events grow, because

that makes our company grow!