Motocross Plaques | Blue Color Burst Tower Plaque


Motocross Plaques | Blue Color Burst Tower Plaque

The Blue Color Burst Tower Plaque is perfect if your trying to upgrade your plaques, or even to safely downgrade your current awards, because of budget cuts, without sacrificing the excitement from the awards. These plaques are very well received by racers. The racers seem to like that these plaques are taller then other plaques they have won. They also like that these awards are made in Full Color compared to the boring school desk look of having a brown plaque. The Tower Plaques are Direct imprinted, so there is no metal plate that scratches, and there is no sticker that cheapens the overall look of your award. As an added bonus, for a limited time offer, we are offering Gold Border plaques. No, we did not spray paint these! We actually have the equipment that was intended to make counter tops and furniture, but instead we use them to make plaques ? Soooo We do not spray paint our plaques to get these colors… They are legitimately done in a controlled environment where we monitor temperature, humidity, software, and many, many, mannnny more variables.


Why we made the tower plaque:

Short Answer: To get you 25% taller plaques for the same cost as what the traditional, fatter plaques cost.

I will admit I didn’t “love” the Tower plaque until I saw one produced in person, because it was different then what I was used to. But O boy when it came out of the print room, I was in shock on how neat the award was. The owner was emphatic on making that plaqueboard, and now I can see why. I understood the tower plaque’s purpose, and that was to slim down the plaque and put those extra square inches, on the surface, into the height of the plaque. You literally pay the same cost as a traditional plaque but since these are configured differently they appear much larger then other plaques. Lets put it this way, thanks to Tower Plaques, a 20 inch plaque now costs less than $15 (depending on quantity ofcourse) whereas traditionally a 20 inch plaque would be $28+. (Double the price).


Why you should try the Tower plaque for your next event:

  1. They are proven to be well received by the racers
  2. Same Price as other plaque, but these are 25% taller
  3.  Full Color imprinted- not boring, ugly brown
  4.  Your Custom Artwork can be added no problem
  5. Durable, and easy storage
  6.  Our design department can make you an award that will blow your mind.
  7.  Custom Flyer options available starting at only $10
  8. 3-5 Day Turnaround (when custom)
  9. Unique and different award that wont tear into your budget
  10. American Made, but not American Priced!