Loretta Lynn Themed Trophies, Plaques, and Awards

Loretta Lynn Themed Trophies, Plaques, & Awards

Looking for better award options for your big race this year? Whether you run a Loretta Lynn Qualifier, or Loretta Lynn Championship race, we have all sorts of cool Loretta Lynn Themed Trophies to make your track really stand out. Also, we have had over 40 years experience in Racing Trophies so our packages for this race are right in line with your budget. We have several different Loretta Lynn Themed Trophies, Plaques, and Awards including the Loretta Lynn Tower Trophy, Loretta Lynn Trophy set, Loretta Lynn Plaques set, and the Loretta Lynn Plate set. Below you will some pictures. We also are offering special items for this race such as Loretta Lynn Surfboard Plaques, Helmet Plaques, Sprocket plaques, Loretta Lynn Championship Rings, and many more cool items that are sure to blow your rider’s minds. Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts on our Loretta Lynn Themed Trophies this year!




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By far one of the newest, and coolest awards to give to the rider’s.. The Number Plate Shaped Plaque! This is the same background design Amsoil Arenacross uses for their 2017 Grand Champions. If it’s Amsoil approved then it surely will be loved by the winner’s of the Loretta Lynn Qualifier races. Our Loretta Lynn Qualifier Plaques come in 4 sizes, giving you flexibility on your budget

Loretta Lynn Qualifier Wood Trophies | Loretta Lynn Motocross Trophies | Loretta Lynn Qualifier Tower Trophy's

Looking for something Unique and different to hand out to the racers this year? These Wood Tower Trophies are made in America, but we spread the savings amongst all the tracks in the nation getting you American Made products for the price of Foreign! These Wood Trophies were designed to give trophies a new look, adding more graphics and color to make an overall beautiful peice. This is definitely an award your rider’s will want to add to their Trophy Collection.




















Loretta Lynn Qualifier Motocross Trophies | Loretta Lynn Special Deal Awards | Loretta Lynn Trophy

Looking for the absolute best deal and the best looking Loretta Lynn Trophy sets? We can guarantee we will not be beat on these Beautiful Loretta Lynn Motocross Trophies. These Loretta Lynn Trophies are decked out with the new Solid Tube Columns, and Custom Column Graphics that includes all of the series sponsors, at no extra cost!

Loretta Lynn Tower Plaque | Loretta Lynn Motocross Plaque Trophy | Plaques for Loretta Lynn Motocross Races

Our Loretta Lynn Tower Plaque Trophies are an exclusive item to Trophy.Deals making your plaque super tall! Rider’s judge quality based on Award Size so these plaques are definitely an upgrade from traditional plaque sizes. We offer 3 Foot Tall Plaques with small plaque sizes available. Our Loretta Lynn Plaques come with sponsors, and LLQ Logo already attached making shopping easier for Loretta Lynn Motocross Plaques!

Custom Championship Rings for Loretta Lynn themed Awards!

How Does the Loretta Lynn Championship Race work?

Just like a tournament, rider’s compete all over the country to qualify for the National Championship Race. The National Championship race is the largest amateur motocross race in the world! There are two qualifiers that have to be won in order to qualify for the big race known as the Area Qualifiers, and the Regional Championship races. These races are organized by having 8 regions in the United States including the Northeast, Mid-East, South East, North Central, South Central, Northwest, Mid-west and Southwest.

What is the Loretta Lynn Area Qualifiers?

First Races- Loretta Lynn “Area” Qualifier Races.

This is the first step to qualifying for the big race. In each of the 8 regions there can be up to 8 races to qualify you to go to the next race. In order to qualify for the next race you must achieve what is known as an “Advancement Position” to guarantee a spot into the regional championships. Be sure to check in which day you race, because each track has a 2 day schedule for this event, but run different races on each such as limited classes on Saturday, and Modified Classes on Sunday.


What is the Loretta Lynn Regional Championships?

Second Level of Races- Loretta Lynn “Regional” Championship Races

You are one step closer to Game Day at Loretta Lynn Ranch! The Regional Championships are the next step to getting you to the big race. As long as you qualified at one of the Area qualifiers you are allowed to race this event. This is a 3 moto formatted race where as the Area Qualifiers are only 2 motos… for more info please read MX Sports Page on how to qualify for this event.


What is the Loretta Lynn National Championship Race?

The Loretta Lynn National Championship race is the largest Amateur Motocross event in the World! If you made it here then your obviously an expert rider that knows how to shred around the track! Be sure to register online for this race because you don’t want to do it at the door!