Unbelievably Cool Martial Arts Trophies

unbelievably cool martial arts trophies

Unbelievably Cool Martial Arts Trophies,

Looking for unbelievably cool Martial Arts trophies that will make your competitors rage with excitement? We offer very competitive deals on Martial arts trophies and wood crafted products such as custom shaped plaques, or our wood trophies. If your trying to stand out amongst the other tournaments that your competitors have attended, then you can trust a reputable company as ourselves that has over 39 years experience servicing martial arts tournaments.

Trying to find a unique award option besides trophies?

If you and your competitors are tired of trophies, plaques, medals, or you just want to change it up, then our Wood Crafted awards may be a perfect fit for you. Our American Made Wood Trophies, Vibrant UV Imprinted plaques, and custom shaped plaques have been a HUGE seller, specifically helping people looking to “Change it Up”.

What are Wood Trophies?

Our Wood Trophies were specifically designed to be a Hybrid in between the Traditional Trophy and Plaque. We took the components of having a standing award with a base, but took the surface area, strength and durability of a plaque to make this innovative piece. To top it off and to go the extra mile for our partners here, we had professional raster artwork designed for these awards, each with their own unique design, with many styles available. For Martial Arts we have made a Pagoda Trophy, a Shield Wood Trophy, a Ninja star (not online) and we have even done custom surfboard wood trophies for a tournament!

How is my artwork going to transcribe on the finished product?

Its pretty amazing to be able to say that the artwork you give us, or that we design for you free, looks virtually 100% identical to how it looks on the screen. You can order with confidence when trying these wood trophies for the first time that what you see, is what you get. If you run a tournament and would like to see what your Customized Wood Trophy could look like then please feel free to contact us.

Why you should try Trophy Deals:

1. 39 years experience servicing Martial Art Tournaments- we understand your business
2. Huge Variety of Exclusive awards- we can make and do almost anything
3. Best prices period- most of the time you don’t even have to price match,
we buy in high volume for a number of sports which gives us the ability to heavily discount orders, but keep high quality products.
4. We are lightning fast on turnaround time– 80% of our product ships in 24 hours.
5. Lightning Fast shipping– we are centrally located in the U.S. reaching 90% of the USA in 1-3 business days.
6. We can make your artwork– send us your t-shirt art, your logo, or your theme and we will do the rest!
7. We understand what it takes to grow your events with your awards- we keep your kids coming back
8. We can make and design your tournament flyers, videos etc.- flyers starting at just $10 and they look gooood.
9. All wood products American Made- but not american “priced”!
10. We have custom software programmed to make your orders efficient, fast, and accurate. This is why we have a 98% accuracy rate on orders.

If you have any questions please call or reply to this email.

Let me know how many divisions your tournament is, the date of the event, and what your looking for. 🙂