Shockingly Low Priced Pagoda Trophy


Looking for a cool martial arts trophy to give out to your competitors?

The Pagoda Trophy has been a huge hit for martial arts tournaments because it gives your competitors something unique and different to collect in there Trophy room. We also like to think that when you sit this Pagoda Trophy next to other trophies won in a trophy room, that this pagoda trophy will stand out because it is imprinted in full vibrant color, standing out amongst the other awards. We have a patented pending process on how we personalize these wood trophies with full color, because it is truly remarkable when you see the finished product. When viewing a competitors trophy room, the pagoda trophy always stand out amongst the other awards, and continue to build your brand, and name by advertising where the award came from. We put your Logo, T-shirt art, or theme stand out so that your competitors and other competitors can read it from a mile away. We like to think these Pagoda Trophies offer a higher R.O.I. when buying awards just for that reason!

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Should you try Wood Trophies for your tournament?

Our American Made wood trophies have been a HUGE seller the past 5 years (since they were introduced) specifically helping people looking to “Change it Up”. If your trying to stand out amongst the other tournaments in the area and you are tired of trophies, plaques, medals, or you just want to change it up, the Martial Arts Wood Trophies may be a perfect fit for you. As an added bonus, we can take your T-shirt artwork, your event flyer, theme, or logo to create your custom award in Full Vibrant color.

How is my artwork going to transcribe on the finished product?

Its pretty amazing to be able to say that the artwork you give us, or that we design for you free, looks virtually 100% identical to how it looks on the screen. You can order with confidence when trying these wood trophies for the first time that what you see, is what you get. If you run a tournament and would like to see what your Customized Wood Trophy could look like then please feel free to reply back to this email or call us at 1-800-882-9273

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What are Wood Trophies?

Our Wood Trophies were specifically designed to be a Hybrid in between the Traditional Trophy and Plaque. We took the components of having a standing award with a base, but took the surface area, strength and durability of a plaque to make this innovative piece. To top it off and to go the extra mile for our partners here, we had professional raster artwork designed for these awards, each with their own unique design, with many styles available. For Martial Arts we have made a Pagoda Trophy, a Shield Wood Trophy, a Ninja star (not online) and we have even done custom surfboard wood trophies for a tournament!


The Pagoda Wood Trophy is the premiere Martial Arts Trophy. You can find the Pagoda wood Trophy from tournaments all across the US because their popular shape and heritage to Martial Arts. The Pagoda Wood Trophy is made of Real Wood, and will make your student’s excited they came to the event.


Customer’s have always seemed to have a thing for the Curve Shaped Wood Trophy. The Curve Wood Trophy has a catchy shape boiling with HOT Vibrant Colors. Vibrant color is what the player’s want! Curve Wood Trophy’s are made of MDF wood made in USA. Curve Wood Trophy’s are very popular if your looking for something different, besides a Trophy or Plaque!

Why you should try the Wood Trophies out:
1. They are made in America, but they are not American Priced
2. Full HD UV Imprint, for a Shockingly Beautiful, Vibrant Finish
3. COLORFUL– Kids LOVE color
4. The back’s of these awards are blank and writable, so that the kids
can sign each others name on the back of the awards, just like they do when they get Yearbooks!
5. Competitively Priced
6. They are well received by those that have handed them out
7. Strong, & Durable Wood
8. Fast, & easy to dissasembly– in a matter of seconds for easy travel back home
9. They are freakin cool!!
10. hmmmm running out of ideas… I said “freakin cool, Vibrant in color, a variety of tons of designs…you can sign the backkk…” O wait! I almost forgot! They ship in 24 hours!! 🙂 (on stock designs only, custom is 5 day production)

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask, I promise there is no such thing as a dumb question!

You can reply to this email or call us at 1-800-882-9273.

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ATA Adam Hess Pagoda Wooden Plaque custom award. ATA TAE KWON DO custom pagoda plaque. Super awesome ATA trophies and awards at the best costs.

Blue Pagoda Wood Trophy

Blue Pagoda Wood Trophy for Karate tournaments, and martial arts tournaments. Rumble in Humble karate tournament trophies. Pagoda Trophy award for tournaments

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Gold Pagoda Plaque for Bushido Elite Karate tournament back in 2014!

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3 Pagoda Plaques awards for three different martial arts tournaments

Gold Torii Gate Plaque Award. Great award to replace trophies if you are tired of handing them out. Martial art tournaments, martial arts trophies

Gold Torii Gate Plaque Award. Great award to replace trophies if you are tired of handing them out.

Gold Torii Gate Pagoda Wooden Plaque for Battle of Bushido Karate tournament

Gold Torii Gate Pagoda Wooden Plaque for Battle of Bushido Karate tournament