Ninja Star Plaques- Martial Arts Custom Shaped Plaque

Ninja Star Plaques

It’s funny, ironic, and rewarding to have people email, and show me pictures asking, “Can you make this??! ” and I reply, “Why yes ofcourse, we actually made that award for that tournament!” Its rewarding to know that a piece you created is not only making smiling faces and happy impressions with the competitors, but its also going into some of the top promoters heads wondering where they can get such an award.. Its literally our pride and joy to come up with custom unique awards, and we have been doing it for over 39 years now, with new awards every single year of those 39 years. Read our story to read our interesting history and what motivated us to get into the Trophy and Awards Business.

What are the Ninja Star Plaques made out of?

The Ninja Star Plaques are made out of 3/8th inch thick MDF Wood for a nice durable award. I have seen other company’s try and replicate this award by doing it on 1/8th inch White Plastic, but it looks more like a sign then an award. Not to mention the 1/8th inch plastic signs are darn near close to handing out a piece of paper, and we all know how that tournament does the next year after handing out Paper Certificates. The edges of this award are hand painted, and the back of the award is actually left blank for a better deal on the award, and so that the kids can sign each others awards with a sharpie, similiar to how the yearbooks worked! I will admit that when we first came out with the custom shaped plaques, we had no idea the kids would have that much fun signing their names on the awards, but O Boy, did we hear positive feedback from our partners on this award. One lady told me, “I love how you guys didn’t put anything on the back of the awards because all of our kids got sharpie’s and the kids had a BLAST signing each others awards.” To my amazement, I really didn’t believe her at first but after I thought of the yearbooks when I was in elementary school I remembered that, yes, it was exciting doing that back in the day. ( I can’t believe I’m already saying “Back in the day, ughh!”) Anyways. The backs are signable. Next, the most important part, your Ninja star plaques are personalized with your T-Shirt Artwork, your logo, or the design we make for you based off your tournament theme. We use a variety of Advanced Graphic Software to make your awards look professional. We believe that the products we make directly reflect the profesionalism of your organization so its important we get you the best artwork, starting with the programs you use. Sadly, there are still some companies out there using Clip-Art images, and these are the images to stay far away from if your trying to build your brand professionally. When you shop with Trophy Deals you can be sure that your not only getting the best quality products, but the best quality designs, and the best variety of product to choose from so you don’t look like the other tournament the week before.

Can You make these Ninja stars out of any other material?

O! Absolutely! We can make these Ninja Star Plaques in 1/8th inch thick Acrylic, 3/8th inch thick Acrylic, 3/8th inch thick MDF Wood, 5/8th inch thick MDF Wood, and also metal (if you want to pay for it 😉 ) Most people go with the 3/8th inch thick wood because it is pretty much the best bang for the buck, it packs really nice with fewer boxes to carry and manage, its also sturdy and durable. Since Competitors, especially younger competitors, judge quality on the size of the award, promoters tend to not really care what the material is but what the overall size is.

Ninja Stars for participation but meet the budget

If your looking to match all of your awards, but don’t want to pay $3-4, + a mold fee on custom medals we can actually make you a matching medal in house requiring no mold fee. We can turn your ninja star plaques into a medal by making it in acrylic. We simply cut out your shape, and imprint the same way we do with your plaque. These Ninja star medals come with a free ribbon and the full color imprint showing through the back of the medal.

If you have anymore questions, comments or concerns then please write to us in the comments below, Thanks for reading!