New Martial Art Trophy Concept- Vibrant Colored Column


Martial Arts Trophies- The All New Vibrant Colored Column

Vibrant Colored Column:

I wanted to see what you thought about this concept we came up with. This new column concept is intended for big tournament trophies, which we call the Vibrant Colored Column. This new vibrant colored column takes trophies to a whole new level, by giving you an affordable, durable trophy, that looks like it came from the future! It is literally our companies pride and joy to check your facebook pictures after the tournament of all the exstatic kids holding there new awards. Combining technology on an number of machines, we are proud to introduce the all new Vibrant colored column! Hope you enjoy, and please read more on why we came out with this new vibrant colored column below, and also give me your opinion or concerns with this column 🙂

Why we invented this new Full Colored column for 3 and 4 post trophies:

Short and simple answer: to compete with the tin can box column trophy that has been seen in numerous competitors trophy rooms.

When browsing around facebook at past tournaments, and competitors, you will see alot of similiar looking trophies used. These trophies usually have red, blue, or gold columns with a big metal box, that sort of reminds me of a small cereal box, made of tin metal. Since alot of the competitors trophy rooms have several of the these trophies, there is one HUGE problem that we found when comparing the trophies in the room. THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME! How do you propose standing out among other tournaments when your trophy looks the same as the guy that had his tournament last week? All the competitors trophies their trophy rooms LOOK IDENTICAL. Why is this a HUGE problem? Because if your investing $1,000-$5,000+ for tournament awards, but your trophies look the same as the other tournaments, then your in trouble. All the sudden your $1,000-$5,000 investment has lost its effectiveness and value, when you could put that money into something more unique and different.. something that will make the competitor want to tell his friends about.

For that reason we knew we had to do something about all these competitors trophies looking the same. So that’s why we decided to make a full colored column, directly imprinted on the colum, so that when competitors win your trophies, you can tell a distinct difference between the other trophies won and the trophy you handed out. In making this new column we combined what we do best to make the Ultimate Trophy for your Martial Arts tournament. Combining our strengths in Trophy, and Wood Manufacturing we came out with a more durable column that will make your event stand out amongst the tournaments handing out the same award for the past 20 years. Not only is this trophy better, in my biased opinion, but it will also be greatly appreciated from your competitors to receive something unique and different.

How is this new Vibrant Colored column made?

Our new Column Concept is made out of MDF wood, which is the industry standard wood used on all economy plaques and trophies. Unless your paying $30+ for a plaqueboard made with real oak, then your plaque is most likely MDF. Unlike other companies we actually buy the MDF wood by the 18 wheeler load, and make our wood products in America. When we receive the 4×8 foot sheets of wood we set them on the roller tracks of our saw, click a button and the saw grabs the pieces of wood and can cut 8- 5/8th inch sheets in one cut! Not hard when your saw takes up almost 500 sq. feet, its a monster! After cutting your wood out, we place it on our edge machines that give your wooden column the perfect edge. These machines are as long as an 18 wheeler trailer and bevel the edge of your wood, and laminating right after for a beautiful color finish. The Last step to these beautiful vibrant columns is the imprinting stage. We imprint your artwork directly to your column, border to border, with a  finish looking similiar to silk screen applications. When your column is done being imprinted it is installed onto your trophy to make a futuristic, durable trophy.

tin can trophy vs full color wood column trophy

Why is this option better then the Tin Can Column?

#1 Professional Imprinting- Our new full color wood column comes with artwork imprinted directly into the wood, which has a more proffesional look then the other columns. Final column imprint looks similiar to a silk screen process, like what tshirt printers do.
No stickers! and No Metal that scratches easily!

#2 Durability: When torqued (either through shipping, traveling home from the tournament, the column can break and become completely unusable if the tin can gets twisted from loose rods, or from falling) Our new wood column concept is similiar to a plaqueboard, allowing more durability for the trophy.

#3 More Weight- The solid piece of wood adds more weight then the hollow metal column, it is also more sturdy.