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What is a Die- Cast Medal? 

A Die Cast Medal is a Medal made from a Die or a Mold. A die or a mold is basically what the hot Metal Liquid is poured into to form the shape and size of the desired final product.

How do you judge quality on Die-Cast Medals?

The highest quality Die Cast medal is one that does not tarnish over years of storage or use, sharp clarity of words, shapes, logos, and lastly the weight of the medal. Since most Medallions are made with Zinc-Alloy the weight does not come from the specific type of metal but the size and thickness of the medal. Our factory has over 400 employees with 10 employees totally devoted to a full-time position of QC’ing orders to make sure your product is accurate. I have visited our factory overseas, and saw their method of checking quality. Each employee in the QC department sat at a table with a box of medals checking each medallion 1 by 1 while cross referencing each Medallion to a Black and White outline of the design for the order. The method of QC ing is almost to rigorous, BUT all this is included at no extra cost to you so you don’t have any worries on ordering.


What are some other Die-Cast products out there?

Our factory specializes in making High Quality Golfing instruments such as Golf Divet tools, Golf Markers, & Die Cast hat clips. There are also Die Cast coins, Die Cast Golf tools, Medals, Key chains, Dog tags, Lapel pins, Car Plates, Bottle openers, Leather Keychains, epoxy dome products, & much more!

Die Cast medals that are high quality with color bright finish or antiqued finish

Die Cast medals that are high quality with color bright finish or antiqued finish



How can I trust that Awards Depot has the best quality for these Die Cast Products?

Base it off the facts, and study the process of how these are made, & with which machines… do not use a factory with no technology!

#1 Your medal starts off being designed by an artist with atleast 36 months experience, because it really takes an eye for specific details/limitations that can and cannot be done on a Die Cast products. Designs with small lettering, or different levels of thickness can be achieved on only some medals designs in which your artist already has experience with. After your medal artwork is approved you receive a proof that can be printed out of a desktop printer to review the Actual Size of the finished Die Cast Medal.

#2 Your design is sent to our factory where a 2nd artist will redesign the medallion completely to make it safe for mass production. This can also be sent back to review by the customer for a triple check.

#3 Your design is then sent to be made into a Die/Mold so that the molten liquid metal can form inside to make your special Die Cast piece. This is achieved with sophisticated machines such as a CNC or an EDM Machine (Click link to see EDM Machine). Our factory tends to use the EDM Machine because it is much more precise on etching out your mold then a CNC. After your Die/Mold is carefully cut the raw mold is finished and goes to the second step of making the Die/Mold. A technician receives your mold and hand cleans your Die/Mold with various tools similar to what Dentist use to clean teeth. The purpose of this final step is to make sure the flat surfaces of medal will be polished clear, to clear any debris that may have fallen into mold from etching, and to make sure all letters and wording are crisp and clear. After the Mold/Die passes the quality test it is moved to the next step where they install your mold to a machine that pours in the liquid metal into the mold and is then cooled down rapidly to keep shape after leaving the mold.

#4 After Metal has been poured into the your Die/Mold the raw finished product comes out with no plating. To keep from tarnishing the next step is to coat the medals in a bath which is better known as Electro-Plating. Electro-Plating is very neat, its the process where you dip metal into an Electrolytic bath and boom they come out with a chrome finish. If you would like to see this process in detail you can watch this video here on Electro-Plating. (click to see electro plating video)

#5 After your product is plated it can then be polished for a Bright Polished finish or Antiqued. Below you can see a difference between an antiqued medal vs. a Bright Polished Finish.

Antique'd Medallion vs. Polished Medallion

Antique’d Medallion vs. Polished Medallion


#6 Last step is QC and packaging. You can refer to the section above on the rigorous quality checks our factory preforms. The packaging process includes individually bagging each product in its own plastic bag to keep it safe from scratching during shipping.


If you have anymore questions, comments, or concerns about our High Quality and Competitively priced Die Cast Medals and other products then please comment below. We will try to add to this Blog Post or write another to answer all your questions.. We are here to help you make the best decision on making your awards purchases here at Awards Depot.