Helmet Shaped Medals

Introducing our new Helmet Shaped medals offered inĀ several sports including Football, Baseball, Softball, T-Ball, Motocross, and BMX.

After looking at all the medals available online we noticed something very important was missing… and that was a medallion

that was more then just generic. We aimed for something different, but at the same time would be more personal to the kids in the sport.


We went to one of our Top Selling products to design this new award… These new medals are inspired by theĀ Wood Trophy: Jersey Helmet Award

which for some reason was a huge seller. We deleted the bottom part of this award and kept the helmet making the first Helmet- Shaped Medallion!

SInce these were derived from a best seller we think your kids will surely love these instead of a generic plain medallion.



You can checkout our website at AwardsDepot.com for more products and for current up to date pricing !