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How the Variety Pack Solves your Problems

We know its hard getting the rider’s something fun and different each weekend to handout to the winner’s of the local races. Yet alone finding giveaways that fall in the $3 dollar range, is a tough task. We have made the solution to your problem by creating a package of awards that have all been well received by rider’s throughout the year’s to create the best Variety pack of trophies on the market. When you order the the Variety pack you get a really good deal by saving over $700 for the course of 10 races! We spread the savings among you and the other BMX Tracks so that you can keep your rider’s happy, and YOU WILL stand out amongst the other sports in the area because, BELIEVE ME, nobody is handing out cool awards like this!

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Variety Pack is 10 races worth of trophies. You get a wide variety of 1st-3rd awards, 16 sets per race to cover up to 16 motos! In total you will receive 480 Trophies for only $1,520.. which saves you over $700!

We also offer a half variety pack that is only $760!

The full variety pack comes with Free Shipping when you prepay your order, and can get to you within 2 weeks! Rider’s Love the variety pack, and motivates them to come each week and attend the races to collect the next new award!

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