Top 3 Wood Trophies 2016

Top 3 Wood Trophies 2016

Introducing our top 3 wood trophy favorites this year.

These awards are unique and different and compete with the ” Plastic Sign Awards” that other tracks are handing out.

The wood awards are better because they have more weight, more durable and sturdy, as well as thicker.

helmet standups

BMX Wood Trophy Helmet shaped award

Helmet Shaped Wood Trophies:

These Helmet shaped wood trophies are new as of this year and look AMAZING in person. The picture does not do these things justice.

These are perfect for your bigger races

3 wood towers

Custom Wood Plaques

Tower Awards-
These are new as of this year and have certainly made it to lots of riders homes in just one season.

The wood tower trophy resembles an iconic award
for the price of an economic award !

helmet number plate

Lastly you can never go wrong with these puppies.

These have been a popular seller for the past 3 years, and we havent heard a single complaint from them!