How to Snap Trophy Figure into Trophy

Looking to put your Awesome new Trophies together? Don’t worry it’s really easy, here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it properly if you are having trouble.



Materials Needed:

-Trophy, or Trophy Base


Before you begin:

  1. Identify bottom legs on snap in figure, and the slot that the figure inserts into


Step 1: Position the figure in the palm of your hands like so.

Step 2: Wrap your figures around the figure, with the back of the figure flat against the inside the palm of your hand.

When doing this, I usually use my pinky, and thumb to apply the most pressure when holding.

Step 3: Press in the first leg of the snap in figure, and pull slightly towards you to ensure its in all the way.

Step 4: Begin to add pressure on opposite leg.

Step 5: Keep pressure on opposite leg and insert into trophy or trophy base.

Step 6: push both legs into slot

Step 7: Your done! If you have anymore issues, then read the tip below, or click the video above.

Tip: Place the trophy, or trophy base onto a table, and insert the figure when it is waist height, allowing you to increase pressure to insert figure. These figures contain an ingredient that acts as a strengthening agent so your figures should not break when inserting.





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Spring Participation Awards

Soccer medallions custom die cast


Here are some of our new cool idea’s for spring awards. Custom Die-Cast Medals, Wood Trophies, and Soccer Trophies all on special! Send us your logo and we will make you a Free Design!

We offer a Lightning Fast Turnaround on Custom Soccer Awards for your Tournaments, or Spring Season. Trophy Deals is competitive in giving you the highest value Award service by offering Free Artwork, Bulk Pricing Discount’s, and Boxing Labels to help sort the boxes once we deliver the boxes to your door!

Click here to visit our custom die cast medal section! Remember we will make you a free design, but please get with one of our customer care representatives to book a scheduled time with an Artist to get your special design done.

Soccer Tournament Packages are available by call-in only. We are working very hard to getting this all setup online for your convenience at the moment!

Checkout one of Presley’s favorite Trophies! This is the Sport Ball Column Trophy that can be bought in the $5 range! All our Trophy’s include FREE Engraving, and FREE Shipping!

Want to read more about our Die Cast Medals? Click on the picture above to be taken to our blog post explaining how our medals are manufactured as well as a video with different medals on film!

BMX Trophies

BMX Trophies and MX Trophies – Big Championship Series!

Click the play button below to see why all these beautiful trophies are missing their Tops! Awesome BMX trophies and Motocross Trophies!

Custom Red White & Blue Trophies Video

Just made a quick video for you to see our Custom Trophies & Special Packages that can be made here. I’d love to hear your feedback! Yes, I know I need a script… I shake the camera… and sometimes I could avoid facing the camera directly up my nostrils.. BUT just please try and focus on the Trophies and how we are able to ship across the USA the fastest and the safest!

Not to mention these awards are super cool..

An Excellent way to Advertise & have customers coming back to your events is not only giving the best awards, but awards with Your Name on them! Now, when somebody walks into the room Your Trophy immediately stands out and has a presence!

If you like what you see you can always shop around our website to see what’s new, you can email me back at, or if you think I’m weird I understand we have plenty of sweet Customer Service Representatives that are Always Glad to Help 🙂

Thanks for Tuning In!

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Planning the Team Party

Planning your Team Party 

Your season is winding down and your kids did GREAT! They may not have won a single game, but there’s always a reason to celebrate! (Did that just rhyme??)

You want to show your team that their hard work and patience did not go unnoticed. Because this is a celebration, there should be no reason to stress out.

This should be a fun experience for your team and for the parents, too. Everyone put in so much effort over the last 2 months and now it’s time to relax.

The best place to start for any event is by making a list and getting it completed step by step. Location, food, time, trophies, gifts, and whatever else you are wanting to do at your special event.

Team Party Trophy Advice

The trophy you select for your child’s team party is a constant reminder of their season and the memories made. As a parent, I catch myself looking at my son’s awards from his early years. What a nostalgic item we have in just a simple trophy.

When you search for trophies on Google or through an internet company you may be overwhelmed by the choices. The first thing you want to decide on is the budget for your get together and the budget per trophy. You can click here to see trophies that start off in the $5 range.

Column Trophy:

This is the traditional style award with an updated twist – fun colors, option for a cool graphic insert, and free personalization and shipping. You can even get a ‘bag tag’ with these trophies to make it even more special (bag tags include space to write in players name and number).

Team Party TrophiesTeam Party Baseball TrophiesTeam Party Baseball Trophies


Wood Trophy:

Fresh, Fun, Unique, and Autograph-able 😉 … several styles and options just for you!

Team Party Softball TrophiesTeam Party Baseball TrophyTeam Party Softball Trophy



Soccer Team Party Awards

Baseball Trophies

Softball Trophies

Basketball Trophies

Football Trophies