Soccer Medals for Fall Season

Soccer Medal Ideas for Fall Season

Soccer medals are on the loose and Fall season is coming! Due to the time is falling back, the weather  cooling, and the trees shaking off their autumn leaves, this can only mean one thing: SOCCER SEASON IS ON IT’S WAY!

As a result, everyone is excited!  Kids who play Fall sports are getting ready to have their fun end of the year awards party where they earn their award for all their hard work and dedication! It seems like everyone embraces the season with full force EXCEPT the ones who have to order the awards for the banquets and end of season parties. They wonder, “What awards should I hand out to the kids this year?!” We’re here to help you find the best value for your kids and your organization because we truly care about your teams.

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First of all, the greatest human desire is to be recognized. At the end of the season kids want their award that commends them on a job well done and gives them a little pat on the back. Unfortunately, without some type of memorable object the return percentage of kids will decline as fast as our national debt. When we give, we receive — the same is true for the awards you handout to the players. Our team has witnessed many organizations come and go. The organizations that are still running today are giving their kids fun, fresh, and unique awards.

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Custom Soccer Medals

Fall themed awards not only symbolize the players hard work and dedication throughout the season, but in years to come that award will symbolize their childhood for that year. Make it fun for them! The late nights of practice, meeting teammates, winning (and losing) close games with new friends — these all matter! Their award will become a constant reminder of their blood, sweat, and tears throughout the season. Get an award for your kids that scream “WINNER!” because they will look at this daily in their room or on their trophy shelf.

So all that sounds good but,  what do I hand out? I’ve seen some events where the kids are throwing the medals away that we handed out (True Story). The answer is very easy and simple. When buying your awards, DO NOT buy a generic award. Why? Because the kids have probably won a similar award in another sport or last season. How do I find a non-generic trophy? Easy! Just look for a “Custom Medal” section and pick your favorite. You can name brand your award by adding the organization logo and you can even create your very own molded die soccer medal. Checkout this Custom Medals section for different soccer medal options.

We know you guys work hard for your club and we want to work hard for you. Most of all, we want to ensure your clubs success for years to come!


If you have questions on Soccer Medals or would like more information, please comment below! We’re excited to hear from you and can’t wait to create the perfect award for you and your kids this season!