Building Trophies

Building Trophies VS Buying Already Built

“Building trophies will save me tons of money!”.

Marketing specialists will tell you that you want people to leave your event with something that will continue to promote once they are gone. Successful events draw a big crowd and big crowds mean lots of trophies or giveaways.

As a result, there will be several trophies to purchase. Customers are completely right with their thinking. It shows a great entrepreneurial mind set!



The only real problem I have with people building their own trophies is they aren’t really saving anything at all. Let’s do the math…..


I used to build trophies at 16 years old & I absolutely 100% did not want to make a career out of this. It took up so much time & energy. It hurts me to know that people are trying to save money on their awards, but are actually losing SO much more.

Check this out:

-Our parts cost way less than yours..even if you order directly from a distributor.

-Our production is way faster. At least 5-10 Times.

-Our machines, parts, inventory, etc are what we do. What would your home or garage look like with trophy parts everywhere?

We’re set up just for Manufacturing.

It’s what we do.



Let’s  go over the Word Specialization in the dictionary and how specializing has Impacted the World Economy

The dictionary defines Specialization as:


Meaning.. We did not grow to be the richest powerhouse in the world by being a jack of all trades…

We grew by each person in society fulfilling their part… what they love to do.

Keep in mind we have all the tools and machinery to make these trophies about 2-3x faster than a new trophy builder. You are going to be atleast $500-$1000 in the hole from the start in just machine purchases (engravers, table saws, chop saws, tools, nuts, bolts, etc). Not only will you going to need a lot of equipment, but if you have not built a trophy before nor do you have blueprints to make one, then you are definitely going to experience turbulence. It may take you an hour or two hours just to figure out your first trophy. God forbid you buy the wrong rod size, or forget a part…another road trip to the trophy shop! Our workers do this everyday, in fact 80% of our inventory is already pre-built. We can have a large order of 100-300 big trophies done in 2.5 hours.

Last but not least….THE COST OF PARTS:

I can’t believe it’s been this long, but for 38 years we have consistently purchased bulk orders. The pricing we receive vs what you would receive is going to be a dramatic difference. Our part cost is significantly lower than yours–it’s just the way the business works.

Since we have bought in very large quantities for a consistent 38 years, the pricing we get on parts vs. what you would pay is going to be significantly more then what we would ever pay for parts.

Enough Talk! Show me the MONEY!

Here is a comparison on a 16 inch Column Trophy, with Awards Depot building the trophy Vs. You buying the trophy and building yourself. 16 inch column trophy. Column is 8 inches tall.


After parts and 3 minutes of building your at $3 a trophy. 3 minutes only covers your time to build; this has nothing to do with planning, and picking up parts and materials.. the longest part of the process.

By the time you factor in Part Shipping, The Machinery, Machinery wear and tear, Extra Parts laying around, Trophies you break, etc… You will be soooo much higher than what we sell these trophies for.


As you can see you do not save anything worth working that hard for. Put your time in your Family, Give your Time to the Community.. I promise you will get much, much more out of life.. That’s not my opinion, it’s a fact… Just look at History! Everyone went from Farming, To Share Cropping, to Specializing! No need to Build those Trophies, we got you covered!

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