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paws trophies 1st-10th

Jerry Sr. Trophies lined up 1st-10th in the middle of the Astrodome Stadium

Awards Depot is a Family business that’s been around for more then 38 years. All starting with Jerry Sr. and his vision to grow his events by giving back to his customers. He would award very large 4-post trophies for 1st-10th place which is totally out of the ordinary for most venues. Not only were his trophies the biggest and largest, BUT he added character to them, to help the winners remember all those blood sweat and tears that it took to earn that beautiful monument. Jerry Sr. would differentiate himself among the competition by giving “Artistic Awards”.. Awards that weren’t just a bunch of wood, plastic and metal… but an award with color, and art that matched each event. To this day,  Jerry Sr. still receives compliments on the trophies he did. He was not remembered for promoting the FIRST Amateur race in the Astrodome in Houston, TX, but he was remembered for what he gave back to his customers. After many years of providing excellent awards the economy had pushed our costs to high to make these awards pushing Jerry Sr. out of the trophy business.





pic 2

Another picture of Jerry Sr. Towering 4-Post Trophies, with a 5 inch thick Walnut base for extra weight




Jerry Jr. stepped in place and solved that major issue of rising parts costs. He was determined to offer the same awards his father did, but at a cost that was easily affordable. Jerry Jr. sought out to go overseas and establish his own factory for manufacturing the parts directly. Not only did he go to China to make his own parts but Jerry Jr. also had the brilliant invention of the “Inst-Award Trophy” cutting building time in more then half, a huge efficiency when it comes to the need of 24 hour service on trophies. Jerry Jr. was able to compete with the best looking awards and the best cost because his time efficiency on building and from his determination of establishing a factory overseas, he also hired designers from Disney, and Sportwear companies to get the Top of the Line designs..This is where he developed his “Eye for Design”.

Top associations, or the King’s of the industry, all bought Jerry Jr.’s Artwork Themed Awards, some spending over 6 figures a year.. ON JUST TROPHIES! Jerry Jr. also had a custom software programmed that took about 10 years to actually perfect, but was a huge help in making sure orders got out accurately and on time. The software also handles your order history with each part listed,inventory, parts etc. The software was made to handle the sophisticated custom orders from these large associations.  The problem he soon ran into was a huge demand, and a supply that could not be rushed. Customers soon began to order later and later each year making production problematic with rushed orders, rushed quality, working 12-16 hour days 6 days a week etc. The company began to lose trust because of quality produced by rushing, the employees still loved working here but were confused as to the long hours. Worst of all Piggy-Back companies soon copied our processes to make the same awards cutting right in our market share. This was pretty devastating for Jerry Jr. because he poured his soul and excitement in his designs, his innovations of new products only to be copied by other companies. With the other companies new to the market and hungry for business they were able to fill small portions of the last minute orders from big associations splitting our business in almost 40%. With all this, a very interesting jewish saying was/and always will be remembered: “Work with the classes, eat with the masses. Work with the masses, eat with the classes”.

jerry and kelle surber

Jerry Jr. and Kelle Surber


“Work with the classes, eat with the masses. Work with the masses, eat with the classes”.


Jerry III, his brother Auston, and their mother all work in the business now making it a third generation business. Jerry III is 23 years old, he does the hiring, training for front office as well as plays a major role in the website, graphic design and sales. His brother Auston runs the production and makes sure orders get out accurately and on time, and at 20 years old he has done a better job then any manager that was hired in the past 30 years thats worked here. Kelle, their mother, was the “Glue” that kept everyones spirits up with positivity, and working together.

With more eyes on the ball our family has pushed hard to bring all those beautiful awards made for the “King’s of the Industry” to people like you. All the ideas, the artwork, style of trophies all have been used by the best, and have proved to be the best by the 10’s of thousands bought, and from the growth these large companies received. It is now our goal to make these available to you at the most affordable cost online, because our family TRULY loves what we do!


Jerry III and Auston as children Holding awards for the Front Cover of the Catalog- Most Likely dating 1998


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